Additive manufacturing

We are trailblazers in offering additive manufacturing solutions that best adapt to our customers’ needs. We’ve been investing in cutting-edge 3D printing technology since 2017, making us one of the largest production plants in Spain.


Our 3D printers allow us to produce 100% functional complex parts and tools.

We add value both in industrialisation and in postprocessing, offering a wide range of finishes, textures and colours. Our professionalism is also endorsed by major companies. We are official HP and DyeMansion European partners, a status our customers know is synonymous with guarantee.

Tight deadlines: 10 times faster than other 3D printing technologies

100% functional parts and prototypes ready for their end use

Materials that adapt to varying hardness, flexibility and strength needs

Wide variety of finishes for series production

Opportunity to customise each part

Especially cost-efficient in medium and short series



Given our know-how and experience, we can provide guidance on the best manufacturing technology, the industrialisation process and material selection to ensure they meet your functional needs at the most competitive price.


We take care of every last part detail to create high-value solutions. We offer a wide variety of finishes: buffed, vapor polished, texturised and dyed in the widest variety of colours on the market thanks to our partnership with DyeMansion.


Our technical office will help you design and redesign parts. We specialise in 3D modelling technical parts and products for companies with very short turnarounds. We build on images, sketches, logos and vectors to create a CAD drawing. We can also digitise existing parts and create parametric surfaces and models through reverse engineering. We can scan anything from the smallest parts to large objects.


Thanks to our rigorous quality control throughout the process, we guarantee everything from mechanical and physical properties to the final execution of developed parts.


We can 3D print a part in just a few hours for assessment or to verify an initial conceptual idea. We’ll also help you quickly develop your first design into a totally functional prototype until we find the right part.


We can customise our batch manufacturing with regular deliveries based on your production needs.


Thanks to our cutting-edge additive manufacturing equipment, we produce high-precision 3D parts. We can manufacture everything from spare parts and tools to mass-produced parts in a wide variety of materials including Polyamide 12, TPU and Polypropylene.


Our work doesn’t end when the part is delivered. At Mausa, we are here to provide friendly and reliable assistance and continuously improve.


HP Multijet Fusion (MJF) Partner Oficial HP

Multi Jet Fusion technology allows for well-defined, high-quality parts to be produced with excellent mechanical properties in a fast and repetitive manufacturing process, thus making it the most efficient option compared to other additive manufacturing technologies.

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This technology is ideal for functional prototypes, short and medium series for final parts, even complex parts prior to large series injection production. Official partner:

Recommended for:

  • Short production times, with no need for postproduction
  • High-isotropy parts
  • Low-porosity parts
  • Hydrophobic parts that stay watertight. Vapor polishing treatment.
  • Vapor polishing treatment.
  • Parts requiring additional high-precision machining
  • Extra fine 0.08 mm layers for higher resolution
  • Complex mechanism printing of a single part to prevent additional assembly

Maximum print volume: 380 x 284 x 380 mm Tolerance: ± 0.2 mm Delivery time: 3 days or more

Now also in White:

Thanks to our “White”, at Mausa we can make completely white and uniform 3D printed parts, with the same quality, strength and durability provided by Multi Jet Fusion technology.


- Direct functional use without additional dyeing.
- Greater freedom and precision in the finishing and final dyeing of coloured parts.


HP Jet Fusion 4200 / HP Jet Fusion 5200 / HP Jet Fusion 5200 / HP Jet Fusion 5200 WHITE /

Estaciones de procesado

HP Jet Fusion processing station 4200 / HP Jet Fusion processing station 5200 / HP Jet Fusion processing station 5200 / 3D Natural Cooling Unit / HP Jet Fusion Built Unit 5200 /
Estaciones de procesado


Dyemansion Powershot C / Dyemansion Powershot S / Dyemansion Powerfuse S / Dyemansion DM 60 /



Characterised by its excellent mechanical properties and exceptional versatility in applications, this material guarantees good mechanics on all axes, in addition to resistance to chemical agents and low moisture absorption.


The most resistant version of the PA line. Thanks to its glass beads, this material provides greater stiffness and resistance at different temperatures, in addition to guaranteeing the chemical and moisture resistance of the standard version.


A type of elastomer thermoplastic combining the properties of plastic and rubber. TPAs are highly flexible and can be stretched up to several times their original length without breaking. They have high tensile strength and are highly abrasion resistant, making this the ideal material for applications requiring durability. They are also quite weather resistant, have a low permanent deformation and good dimensional stability, meaning they maintain their shape and size after printing.

Polipropileno (PP)

Polypropylene is used for a variety of mechanical properties, as it offers good elasticity, low density and excellent chemical resistance. It guarantees excellent moisture, impact, acidic agent resistance and electrical insulation.

AVAILABLE FINISHES Partner Oficial DYE Mansion

Vapor polishing

Special finish for smooth, sealed surfaces with greater airtightness, bacteria protection, and better resistance in all respects.

10 times less rough: we reduce RA from 16 to 2.0

Advantages of vapor polishing:

  • Part surfaces are sealed both on the interior and on the exterior
  • Facilitates spray painting
  • Improves part airtightness
  • Reduces friction
  • Improves stability
  • Inhibits bacteria and other external agents
  • Acquires hydrophobic properties
  • Makes part surfaces washable for final use in sectors like healthcare and food
  • Allows for subsequent washing for industrial parts in contact with oils and other chemical agents

Other finishes


No additional treatment RA16.

Surface buffing

General smoothing of the part and small surface imperfections, roughness may reach RA8.


Custom finishing of the piece in standard and special RAL or Pantone colours, depending on the technology used.

Soft Touch

Painted finish with a combination of products so that the surface gains a soft touch and matte effect.

Additive manufacturing example

Official partner Partner Oficial Lumex Series

Laser sintering and milling

Metal laser sintering is a technique in which a laser is used to sinter or fuse metallic powder into the part to be built.

This hybrid technology combines sintering and machining, which are done in alternating fashion between the metal laser sintering and finishing machining every 0.5 mm, producing moulds with dimensional precision and surface softness at the same level as more precise machining centres. The LUMEX Avance-25 is also able to perform deep rib machining, an operation that conventional machining centres cannot; they instead turn to die-sinking EDM and subsequent polishing. Deep rib machining considerably shortens timelines and reduces the number of errors arising in the processes.

Official Partner: Matsura-Lumex

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FDM (Fused deposition modeling)

This technology creates parts layer by layer, from the bottom up, by heating and extracting thermoplastic filament. This results in parts with stable, precise shapes for large sizes:

Large parts 1000 x 1000 x 1000
Wide variety of materials (ABS, PC, ASA, ULTEM, fibre reinforced composites, etc.)
Approximate tolerances of ± 0.2 mm
Delivery: 5 days or more
Resistant to high temperatures UL94-V0

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SLA (Stereolithography)

This technology uses the principle of photopolymerization to create 3D models based on UV-sensitive resins. This is solidified with a layer-by-layer laser step that affords greater precision and quality to the models. Recommended for:

Approximate tolerances of ± 0.1 mm
Machinery size 500 x 500 x 500
Wide variety of materials
Delivery time: 5 days or more

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SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Fully functional PA12-11 parts for initial prototypes and small series.
Complex, small geometries.

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3D Scanning

3D: Laser sintering and milling

Using a variety of 3D scanners, lasers and structured light and based on the required characteristics, we can digitise 100% of the parts converting them into a digital file, including everything from small parts to large objects. We then create parametric models or surfaces via reverse engineering.

We carry out dimensional controls based on 3D measurements to detect dimensional and surface defects with great precision. Scanning an object and then digitally inspecting the 3D model saves substantial amounts of time when compared to traditional methods. This service is especially appropriate for checking prototypes, samples, mechanical component wear and tear, etc. We create monitoring reports and colour visual reports of any deviations detected.

After the grid or point cloud is obtained via 3D scanning, we use reverse engineering to capture all the shapes and be able to modify the designs of existing objects, optimise manufacturing processes, rebuild parts based on 2D drawings, repair manufacturing errors, etc.

Each project has its own needs, be them technical, artistic or everyday parts. We can scan parts regardless of size, material or shape.

Find the solution that best adapts to you with real case studies. You’ll learn the keys of the project, how Mausa helped the customer, the main characteristics of the project and the final result. We look forward to helping you!